Workspace Safety & Protection Measures
Providing a healthy and safe workspace is a basic duty for a company. Therefore, we often conduct employee health and safety training courses to prevent avoidable accidents caused by lack of awareness. In addition, we emphasize on work environment safety management, fire safety management, and employee health management to ensure employee safety.
  • Workplace Safety Management
    1. Set "Employee Handbook" detailing safety measures for employees to follow
    2. Restricted access as employees and visitors need to pass the security lock system
    3. Subsidized general health check-ups for all employees once every two years
  • Clean Work Environment
    1. Office cleaning: three times per week
    2. Pest disinfection: two times per year
    3. Drinking water inspection: once every month
    4. Air conditioning filter replacement: once every three months
  • Fire Safety
    1. The building where the office is located has established a comprehensive fire safety system including fire extinguishers, alarm system, and safety protocols.
    2. The building where the office is located commissions certified fire safety prevention companies to conduct fire safety equipment inspections.
    3. The building where the office is located arranges for fire safety drills and training courses from the Taipei City Fire Department such as fire hazard knowledge, earthquake protocols, CPR and the Heimlich technique, and fire extinguisher use training courses.
    4. Other fire safety measures: Fire extinguishers and fire prevention systems are located in all public hallways and are regularly checked and maintained. 
    5. The Company irregularly hosts in-house disaster (fire and earthquake) prevention trainings.