Strategy and Objectives
PharmaEngine's new drug development strategy spans across new drug research, new drug development, and new indication development, and the Company adopts the "Virtual Pharmaceutical Company Business Model". In addition to early pursue patents, trademarks, and intellectual property externally, our main intellectual property management strategy is to aggressively obtain patents, trademarks, and intellectual property for in-house R&D achievements and new drug products. We also aim to maintain and management owned intellectual properties with the utmost care to achieve the objective of protecting R&D achievements and enhance company brand recognition.
Management System
PharmaEngine has formulated "Intelligent Asset Management Regulations" to standardize the internal management of intellectual property such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights, and ensures that research and development achievements can effectively obtain relevant legal protection through a complete and smooth intellectual property application process.

In addition, the Company's employees promise that in addition to their obligation to keep the Company's business secrets and related intellectual property confidential, the intellectual property rights and interests arising from their duties shall belong to the Company.

At the same time, the Company reports its intellectual property plans and implementation results to the Board of Directors at least once a year, and discloses the implementation status on the Company's website.
As of the end of 2023, the Company has independently developed and obtained 1 invention patent (excluding the number of countries where the patent has been obtained, the same below), and 4 other inventions are in the process of patent application. There are a total of 19 invention patents authorized from external sources. The Company has so far registered and approved 15 trademarks at home and abroad.
All the intellectual property acquired by the Company will be used in the Company's new drug development, external licensing, and product sales to strengthen the Company's new drug evaluation capabilities, licensing negotiations, strategy formulation and plan execution. Through international cooperation, we hope to maximize R&D resources, shorten new drug development time, and create the biggest returns to solidify the Company's competitive advantage in the global market.
Risk Management
The Company holds internal training courses regularly or irregularly, and actively arranges employees to participate in various external education and training related to intellectual property to enhance the intellectual property concepts of employees and managers of each department, possible risks, and appropriate preventive and response measures. In addition, the Company introduces digital management tools to back up and store documents related to new drug research and development to improve the management of intellectual property and technological achievements.

PharmaEngine has reported the status and implementation of intellectual property management for 2023 in the 7th meeting of the 8th term of Board Meeting held on October 31, 2023.