Together, we push for changes and bring new therapy options to patients

At PharmaEngine, we believe in innovation and learning are keys to continuous improvements.

We tirelessly seek new solutions with the aim to change the quality of life for people. We hope to build a better future and solve current challenges in the medical field with people who are not afraid to challenge the traditional way of thinking and are unsatisfied with the status quo. We hope to bring new therapy options to patients.

In our team, you will have the opportunity to work with a group of exceptional and diversified talents. We have professionals from different fields and backgrounds with remarkable knowledge and experiences. This is an environment of learning and growth. In our team, we co-inspire and work together to seek extraordinary achievements.

PharmaEngineer's Core Values

  • Sense of Urgency

    To think outside the comfort zone using a flexible and agile mindset to face dynamic environments and challenges.

  • Critical Thinking

    To seek to the bottom of the truth with an open mindset and a flexible attitude.

  • Diversity

    To support and promote diversity and inclusivity.

  • Continuous Learning and Growth

    To learn as a team to maintain the innovative momentum and continuous desire for learning and development.

  • Teamwork

    To trust and respect each other is the foundation of our company culture and teamwork philosophy.

  • Work and Life Balance

    To help each and every one of us find our own balance between work and life.


    Fully responsible for our decisions in pursuing our goals



    Think outside the box for innovative, creative, and accurate solutions



    Build an encouraging environment for mutual learning and growth



    Encourage and support diversity to achieve our goals as a team



Employee Benefits

We focus on new drug development with the aim to improve the patients' quality of life. It is precisely because of this goal, we provide competitive salary packages and benefits for our employees. We value each employee's contribution and aim to build a work environment that is proactive, open and supportive. Benefits are as follow:

  1. Birthday Gift
  2. Annual Bonus
  3. Performance Bonus
  4. Employee Compensation
  5. Wedding Gift
  6. Childbirth Gift
  7. Accident and Hospitalization Insurance
  8. Disease and Hospitalization Financial Benefits
  9. Disaster Salvage Subsidy and Bereavement Condolence Money
  10. Domestic and International Travel Subsidy
  11. Subsidized Health Checkups: Once every two years
  12. Others such as stock options and RSUs (irregular occurrence)

Employee Training

We believe human resources is the key to our success. Every employee has specific talents and potential, therefore, we greatly value talent training and provide continuous opportunities for professional knowledge developments and personal growth.

At PharmaEngine, all-round learning is the DNA of our company culture. We believe you can fully utilize your talents and achieve personal and common goals in an encouraging and supportive environment. All-round training includes:

  1. Domestic Training
  2. On-the-job Training
  3. International Training
  4. Internal Training
  5. Pre-job Training
  6. Individual Employee Development Plan
  7. Other in-house or outsourced seminars

Employee Activities

We understand the importance of employee welfare and work life balance for the individual and for the team. Hence, we provide a wide range of employee activities for you to fully experience the beauty of life.

  1. Birthday Party
  2. Family Day
  3. Volunteer Day
  4. Annual Party
  5. Team-building
  6. Happy Learning Club
  7. Sports Clubs
  8. Massage Service
  9. Other special holiday events

PharmaEngine is seeking to find partners that can work with us to bring out enjoyments in life. If you're a passionate and creative person who's willing to challenge the status quo in search of greatness, we sincerely invite you to join our team. Our contact email We also welcome you to visit us on to see our new job openings!