Virtual Pharmaceutical Company Business Model
PharmaEngine adopts the "Virtual Pharmaceutical Company Business Model" and focuses on new drug development. We conduct evaluation and selection at the pre-clinical and early clinical trial stages to find potential candidates, then jointly develop, or license in or out during the clinical trial stage to enhance drug value. At the later stages of clinical trials, we authorize global pharmaceutical companies for selling and marketing.

Company Development Strategy

  • Strategy
    Virtual Pharmaceutical Company Business Model characteristics:
    1. Light asset: No manufacturing facilities or storage assets.
    2. Lower new drug development risks: In-license international partners for cooperation.
    3. Accelerate product R&D and marketing: Cooperate closely with strategic partners on marketing and sales.
  • Core Competence
    PharmaEngine has a team of advisors consists of international heavy-weight cancer specialists to help us make the most accruate decision in various stages and to conduct the best risk management and control.
As a Virtual Pharmaceutical Company, PharmaEngine cooperates with global partners closely from candidate selection to selling and marketing to optimize effects and efficiencies. At the candidate selection stage, we combine AI computing to accelerate selection efficiency and shorten R&D time.