Sustainable Development Strategy
The policy of the our Sustainable Development Strategy is to "accelerate the listing of new drugs to prolong the lives of patients and make society better." We wish to uphold sustainable core values of "innovative R&D, professional attitude, trustworthy, reliability, and create major impacts". Under the three major scopes of "build a green life, care for and be a friend to society, and cooperative industrial growth" to establish seven major topics for implementing sustainable development strategies. The second major topics are "environment conservation", "social participation", "talent training and retention", "innovative R&D", "cyber security", "corporate governance", and "co-prosper with industry". Since establishment, PharmaEngine not only focuses on corporate governance and operation performance, we have also been proactively moving forward towards environment sustainability and social engagement. We hope through the implementation of our corporate sustainability strategies to create changes and impacts on the environment, social, and governance aspects.

Looking into the future, PharmaEngine will continue to keep integrity as the foundation, flexible operation and professional skills as the main focus, and human-centered approach as the core, to promote new drug R&D activities that align with the spirit of ESG. We wish to deepen international cooperation, leverage global R&D resources, accelerate new product development and commercialization, establish a globally competitive and diversified product portfolio, and set out to achieve the obligation of sustainable social responsibility ultimately.
Implementation and Achievements
We believe environmental sustainability, social responsibility and ethical management are the basic principles and core values of an enterprise recognized by the international community. To enhance stakeholder communication, PharmaEngine published the first 2011 Corporate Social Responsibility Report in 2012 (renamed to Sustainability Report in 2021) and this year is the twelfth consecutive year of publishing such report. We commit to continue issuing sustainability reports to fully disclose our continuous planning and achievements in enhancing integrity management, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability.
Sustainability Promotion Taskforce
PharmaEngine set up a "Sustainability Promotion Taskforce" responsible for identifying all sustainability themes related to our business and stakeholders. The Taskforce is also responsible for establishing short-, mid-, and long-term sustainability development plans and directions, create a budget for sustainability development events, and implement annual projects. At the same time, the Taskforce needs to track progress to ensure our sustainability development policies are incorporate in daily business activities.
Unit Job Criteria Main Personnel
Convener Strategy Formulation and Performance Supervision ChiHsng Chang
Executive Secretary Job Coordination Jackie Chang
Corporate Governance Ethical Corporate Management
Internal Audit
Securities Regulation Compliance
Information Disclosure
Investor Relations Maintenance
Tony Hong
Environmental Sustainability Environmental Protection
Environmental Regulation Compliance
Green Procurement
Selena Kuo
Employee Care Employee Salary and Benefits
Labor Relations
Occupational Safety
Human Rights Policy
Melody Lin
Social Engagement Social Participation
Customer Management
April Chiu
Product Service Product Safety
Quality Management
Drug Regulation Compliance
Supply Chain Management
Ken Chou


Scope and Themes 2023 Targets 2023 Achievements
E: Build a Green Life    
Environment Protection Continue to conduct carbon inventory checks on electricity usage, water usage and waste generation at the office Collected monthly carbon emissions data (scope 1 and 2)
Complete scope 1 and 2 carbon inventory and obtain third-party assurance Completed, results and assurance report published in 2022 Sustainability Report
Continue to participate and promote the "Do One Thing for Tamsui River" event Promoted the importance of water resource at Dadaocheng Pier 5 on Sep. 25, 2023
Promote green consumption by procuring most of the office equipment with green procurement labels Procured office electronic equipment with "Environmentally Sustainable" stickers
S: Community Care    
Social Engagement Industry-Academic Cooperation:experience sharing Combine college and university courses to provide industry experience training for biotech students
Join World Pancreatic Cancer Day Held event on Nov. 16, 2023 to raise awareness
Co-host patient seminars with hospitals Held a total of 5 seminars at Far Eastern Memorial, Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial, Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial, Taichung Veterans General, and Taipei Veterans General
Promote and support Taiwan local culture Held tours in Dadaocheng, Lin An-Tai Historic Mansion, and Beitou Hot Spring Museum..etc. (Total participant: 88, total investment: NT$63,820)
Employee Training Performance review added employee's skill adaptability evaluation Progress continues
Human rights knowledge training Conducted on Oct. 6, 2023
Strengthen employee bond Hold various events such as group health activity, birthday parties, family day, and volunteer day
Optimize employee training procedures and structure Planned training based on professional function, core function, and leadership function. In addition to training, Happy Learning Club was held once every six months for colleagues to learn new knowledge from each other
G: Grow Together    
Innovative R&D Invest in exploratory trials to accurately locate new drug candidates Continue to explore and develop potential new drug candidates
Participate in cross-industry forums and seminars to gain knowledge Progress continues
Reduce unnecessary animal testing Combining AI computation to explore and develop potential new drug candidates
Continue to explore and develop potential new drug candidates and technologies Combining AI computation to explore and develop potential new drug candidates
Cyber Security Organize comprehensive work-from-home systems, measures and equipment Work-from-home mechanism continues
Conduct "What If" analysis on specific systems and personnel to draft back-up plans Conducted simulation for operation continuation plan in October 2023
Set cyber security targets, protection, and disaster response solutions to lower cyber security risks 1/5/2023
Obtained ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification
Corporate Governance Established "Sustainability Promotion Taskforce" in 2022 to formulate action plans for sustainability projects and regularly reports to the Board of Directors Continue to report regularly on progress
Included climate change topics in the Board of Directors' meetings in 2022 Continue to evaluate and adjust annually based on global trends
Evaluate and identify high risk incidents that may cause significant impact on the business Progress continues
Enhance efficiency through digitalizing the management system Progress continues
Continue to provide training regarding corporate governance topics such as insider trading prevention, cyber security, intellectual property and ESG Progress continues
Industry Cooperation Discuss energy consumption and other environmental issues with CDMO and storage and logistics partners to understand internal policies and measures Progress continues
Include ESG topics in potential business partner evaluation surveys before license in new products Progress continues
Jointly plan backup solutions for potential major impacts with key suppliers Progress continues
Include ESG-compliance requirements in agreements with major domestic suppliers Progress continues
Past Events
We schedule annual events and encourage employees to join with their families:
  • 2023/09/21

    Continued with the "Do One Thing for Tamsui River" theme by re-educate ourselves about the Tamsui River, water conservation, and participated in the Dadaocheng cultural tour

  • 2023/09/01

    Kicked off "PharmaEngineers: We Race With You! Walk for Love!" event (2023/09-2024/01), the final total step count will be transferred to Taiwan Dollar to donate to cancer charities

  • 2022/11/10

    Supported "Do One Thing for Tamsui River" event hosted by CommonWealth Magazine for water resource protection awareness by conducting beach cleaning at Sanzhi, New Taipei City

  • 2021/09/29

    Supported "Do One Thing for Tamsui River" event hosted by CommonWealth Magazine for water resource protection awareness by participating in "Tamsui River History Tour"

  • 2020/11/18

    Showed support by participating supplies raising and food box packaging activities for the China Andrew Charity Association

  • 2019/12/06

    Participated in the volunteer activities for Genesis Social Welfare Foundation

  • 2018/11/16

    Participated in coastal cleanup activity in Jinshuiao, Keelung