Ethical Management Promotion Unit
PharmaEngine has assigned Corporate Development Department to establish an "Ethical Management Promotion Taskforce Meeting" for all ethical management related matters. The meeting is chaired by ChiHsing Chang, Vice President of the Corporate Development Department, responsible for assisting the board of directors and top management in formulating and supervising the implementation of ethical management policies and prevention plans, ensuring the implementation of the integrity management code, and regularly reports the implementation results to the board of directors.
Corporate Ethical Management Report
PharmaEngine established "Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles" and "Procedures for Ethical Management and Guidelines for Conduct" as a code of conduct for directors, independent directors, senior managers and all practitioners.

In addition, PharmaEngine asks all employees to comply with the "Code of Conduct" and promise to protect company assets, rights, and reputation by abiding to regulations and moral principles. We analyze business activities that have higher risks of misconduct and set prevention measures specifically for these activities.
Ethical Management Training
The Corporate Development Department works with the Human Resources Department to provide ethical management trainings for all employees. The training courses include topics such as "Ethical Management Regulation Compliance", "Drug Safety Management and Inspection", "Accounting Standards" and "Internal Control Standards".

2019: 30 persons cumulatively received 358.5 hours of training
2020: 84 persons cumulatively received 190 hours of training
2021: 168 persons cumulatively received 465 hours of training
2022: 221 persons cumulatively received 502.5 hours of training
2023: 191 persons cumulatively received 664 hours of training
Whistleblower Mechanism
To maintain the corporate culture of ethical management, prevent unethical conduct, and appropriately address reported cases, pursuant to Article 21 of PharmaEngine's "Procedures for Ethical Management and Guidelines for Conduct," this Procedures are established for compliance.
Reporting Procedure
1 The whistleblower shall use the report case form to provide the following, detailing the facts and confirming the matter with his/her signature to report the case to PharmaEngine.
  1. The whistleblower's name, national identification number or passport number, residential address, department/place of employment, and the informed party's name or other features sufficient to identify such person.
  2. Unlawful behaviors violating the Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles.
  3. Relevant evidence and documentation.
2 All types of reported cases are compiled and handled by the Audit Office. After identifying and recording the whistleblower's identity in accordance with regulations, the reported information and content are scanned and archived before being reported to the chairperson or independent directors.
3 Upon the establishment of a reported case, depending on the nature, and if necessary, the personal information of the whistleblower may be kept confidential and then sent to relevant departments for handling. Cases related to corruption and other unclassifiable matters are handled by the Audit Office. If the reported case involves directors, or senior executives, or is related to any other significant illegal activities, it shall be sent to the independent directors.
4 After the Audit Office receives the reported case and submits it to the superior through the relevant procedures, the relevant departments will be requested to handle the matter. The relevant departments shall handle it appropriately and ask the receiving unit to review and approve the handling. Depending on the legality, reasonableness, and specificity of the handling, the receiving unit shall then decide whether to continue, re-investigate, or conclude the case.
5 The receiving unit of the reported cases shall maintain the confidentiality of the whistleblower's personal information. In case of a breach of confidentiality, penalties or disciplinary actions shall be imposed in accordance with relevant regulations.
Whistleblower Contact Window and Channels
  • Tony Hong
  • Associate Director, Audit Office
  • TEL: 02-2515-8228 #106
  • E-mail: