Company Profile

PharmaEngine, Inc. began operations in February 2003. PharmaEngine is a networked pharmaceutical company that operates according to a "Virtual Pharmaceutical Company Business Model" model to focus on new drug development and lower related risks.

Business Scope

PharmaEngine focuses on oncology therapies. Our commercial product, ONIVYDE® is a novel and stable encapsulated form of the marketed chemotherapy drug irinotecan in a long-circulating nanoliposome for the treatment of patients with metastatic adenocarcinoma of the pancreas who have been previously treated with gemcitabine-based therapy. ONIVYDE® has received marketing approvals in the US, Europe, Asia and many more countries around the world. In 2024, ONIVYDE® in combination with oxaliplatin, fluorouracil and leucovorin (NALIRIFOX) has received 1L PDAC approvals in the US, Australia, Taiwan, and the EU. We also have another project, PEP07, a CHK1 inhibitor and is currently in Phase 1 clinical trial.

PharmaEngine continues to provide ONIVYDE® in the Taiwan market and establish a drug safety reporting system to ensure patient medication safety, while aggressively develops new projects such as PEP07 and other projects in our pipeline. We also strive to license-in new drug projects, using our extensive experience and expertise, to push the projects into preclinical studies and commercialization.

Development Strategy

  • Adopt "Virtual Pharmaceutical Company Business Model" to
    strengthen international strategic alliances and build an international R&D team

  • Aggressively train R&D professionals to elevate new drug development techniques and build a sustainable business.

  • Our vision:
    "Become the most professional and innovative new drug development company that specializes on oncology therapies in Asia."

PharmaEngine promotes a warm company culture.
We believe these six core values are the key to a successful corporation.

Strategic Partners

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