PharmaEngine’s Partner, Nanobiotix, Presents First Promising Data from Phase I/II Liver Cancer Trial of PEP503 at ASCO GI

Taipei, Taiwan, January 23, 2018

PharmaEngine’s (TWO: 4162) partner, Nanobiotix (Euronext: NANO), presented a first readout of intermediate data on the safety and feasibility in its phase I/II trial evaluating NBTXR3 in liver cancers, including primary (Hepatocellular, HCC) and liver metastasis from other tumors.

For further information view Nanobiotix’s press release or visit the abstract on ASCO GI website:

Press Release
Abstract ASCO GI

NBTXR3, the lead project of the NanoXray pipeline of Nanobiotix, is a nanoparticle formulation of hafnium oxide crystals for the local treatment of tumors to enhance the efficacy of radiotherapy. In August 2012, PharmaEngine licensed the development and commercialization rights of NBTXR3 in the Asia-Pacific region from Nanobiotix.In 2014, Nanobiotix presented the pilot study results for NBTXR3 in patients with soft tissue sarcomas at ASCO, which showed a good safety profile and positive signs of efficacy. Then the preliminary pilot studyresults in head and neck cancerpatients (without receiving chemotherapy) and liver cancer patients presented at ASCO 2017and ASCO GI 2018,respectively, also showedpromisingsigns of anti-tumoreffect.

There are other indications being developed for NBTXR3 by Nanobiotix and PharmaEngine. These includehead and neck cancer in patients receiving chemotherapy (Phase I/II, PharmaEngine), rectal cancer (Phase I/II, PharmaEngine), liver cancer (Phase I/II, Nanobiotix)andprostate cancer (Phase I/II, Nanobiotix). NBTXR3 has been classified as a class III medical device in many European and certain Asian countries. Learn more here.


PharmaEngine, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan with a wholly owned subsidiary, PharmaEngine Europe Sarl in Paris, France. PharmaEngine focuses on the development of new medications for the treatment of cancer and Asian prevalent diseases. PharmaEngine has three ongoing projects: ONIVYDE® has received regulatory approvals in 37 countries; PEP503 (NBTXR3) is in a global pivotal trial of soft tissue sarcoma, and patient recruitment has been completed; and PEP06 is in preclinical development. Get to know more here.


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